Monster Fair brings a classic from the arcades to your PC - pinball

Monster Fair brings a classic from the arcades to your PC - pinball. You must help alien castaways to raise enough money to buy the electronic components they need to repair their damaged spaceship, which forced them to do an emergency landing on Earth 500 years ago. They formed a traveling carnival called Monster Fair to make their wish true: return home. So, to achieve this you must... play pinball!

As in any pinball game, you need to shoot a metal ball that, while bouncing against objects on the board (which will earn you points), will tend to fall towards the lower end of the screen. You will have to try to avoid the ball falling into the hole located between your left and right flippers, or you will lose a ball - when you lose all of them, the game is over. The trial version of Monster Fair has yet another limitation: you can play only for a hundred seconds in each match. After that, your flippers will freeze, and the game will be over.

Like in real pinball games, you can nudge the table to avoid losing a ball. But beware, because nudging the table too hard may cause a “Tilt” that will disable the flippers, making you lose the game anyway.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • Astounding graphics and realistic sound make you feel you are truly playing one of those classical arcade games


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